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>> based on our investigation, it led us to the state's attorney's office who decided we should go forward with charges. >> reporter: as spelled out in court documents, one of the victims was a neighbor of the accused who stayed for a period at the farrow home because of problems at his own home. the alleged incidents were said to have happened most of the time at farrow's home, either in the house in a basement or spare bedroom. it's also alleged there were encounters in a trailer on the property. according to court documents, there was at least one incident of inappropriate behavior while farrow's wife was home asleep. farrow allegedly began by showing the youths pornographic videos and the contact escalated to sexual touching and oral sex. they were alleged to have happened with both boys present. the documents say the two youths had refused to perform acts on each other despite farrow's urging. when the boys were 13 or 14 years old, the activity stopped. >> they're not ruling out the possibility of other victims out
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there. >> reporter: farrow was ordered held on $250,000 bond. now, bond was initially set at $800,000. it was reduced to $250,000 after a hearing earlier today. we'll have more on this story coming up on news4. right now we're live in annapolis, derrick ward, news4. a new picture released of the man they think assaulted a teenager in a library. the 17-year-old girl told police the man had been watching her and following her around inside the jefferson library on arlington boulevard in falls church. when she tried to get away from him by running into a restroom, she said he followed her in and assaulted her. it happened earlier this month. if you recognize the man in this photo, you're asked to give police a call. former bowie state student alexis simpson testified today in her murder trial. she cried on the stand. she told jurors she didn't intentionally kill her roommate, dominique frazier.
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prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us live with today's testimony. tracee? >> reporter: the defense is hoping that that it's going to help land her with involuntary manslaughter as opposed to first-degree murder. as you said, yes, she did take the stand in her own defense. now this case is in the hands of the jury. and they're deliberating after hearing alexis simpson explain from her own mouth what happened when she stabbed her roommate. this morning, alexis simpson was prepared to take the stand in her own defense. the former bowie state student is facing murder charges. they were preparing for a homecoming comedy show. they got in an altercation from loud music. it would be the last in a series of disagreements the two had
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that semester. simpson testified that she, meaning dominique, slammed the door and hit my face with the door pretty hard. it caused my head to jerk. she, meaning dominique, opened her door and stepped out. she said what's up and started to swing. she upper cut me while holding my hair. other witnesses testified that alexis was the one to throw the first punch. after the initial fight ended alexis went to her room looking for her inhaler. the attorney asked, did you take anything else out of your room? simpson, yes, a knife. it was a pocketknife. this is how simpson described the moments leading up to the actual stabbing. she said, keaira began to attack, pulling me by my hair and i was scared. i did not know what they were going to do next. crying, she went on to say, they continued to hit me, so i swung the knife. then dominique stopped swinging. and grabbed her neck, and blood was coming out and i just wanted
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to help her. she said she went to call 911. and when the call didn't go through, she followed dominique as she stumbled to the hallway. i laid down next to her, she said, and i put my hand on her neck so blood wouldn't come out. i started to panic. there was foam coming out of her mouth. i didn't know what to do. now, the judge gave the jury multiple options here for what they could possibly decide. this young lady is guilty of. they could say first-degree murder, second-degree, voluntary manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter. again, the state wants to see first-degree murder charges which would land her behind bars for the rest of her life without the possibility of parole. but her defense is saying this was involuntary manslaughter. now, coming up at 6:00, what happened with alexis simpson after the stabbing, and what happened to that knife. this is all an important part of the case, and i'll include that in my live report coming up. tracee wilkins, news4. >> we'll see you then, tracee, thank you. d.c. police want to know if
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you recognize the people in this surveillance video. they're all persons of interest in a robbery last week that led to shots being fired near the white house. the video is from the pentagon city mall. police tell us the shooting followed a robbery outside a dupont circle nightclub friday morning. strong words today about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and its political fallout. the house and senate intelligence committees held closed hearings and heard testimony from acting cia director michael morerel. there was a hearing before the house committee on foreign affairs. the chairwoman called the deadly attack on september 11th a disgrace, and things got heated on both sides. >> also disgraceful is the sad parade of conflicting accounts of the attack that we have received from administration officials in the weeks and months since. >> to lay this at the doorstep of the president or the secretary of state or the united nations ambassador, you will find us ready and willing to
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resist to the teeth. >> tomorrow, former cia director david petraeus will testify before the house and senate intelligence committees. it will be his first appearance on the hill since he resigned last friday. president obama's focused today on the victims of superstorm sandy up in new york city. he got his first up-close look at the damage there and promised to work with local governments to come up with a game plan for recovery. some residents said they wished the president had come sooner to bring attention to their struggles. nearly 3,000 people are still without power in the city tonight, prompting a state investigation and a lawsuit against utility companies. cloudy skies outside today. and a little chilly. but it looks kind of calm out there, doug, what do you think? >> it's not a bad afternoon if this was mid-december. this is exactly what we would be expecting. but this is mid-november and we're well below average. temperatures once again today close to ten degrees below average for a high. right now, sitting at 48 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 9
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miles per hour. look at numbers, winchester already at 39 degrees. 46 in manassas. the warm spot is 50, and that right now is down toward fredericksburg. the reason we stayed cool today was the cloud cover. we had the clouds continuing to stream in from a storm system down to the south that is coastal storm number one. we'll talk about coastal storm number two that we were talking about for the weekend. it looks like it's heading a little farther out to sea but still may have some impact. after a dozen years of neighborhood battles, a groundbreaking today of a large new development in northwest d.c. tom sherwood is live at cathedral commons tonight. tom? >> reporter: wendy, this was a typical 1950 shopping area. small scale, lots of parking. but it was outdated for decades, and it took a dozen years to figure out what should replace it. now we know.
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workmen are preparing the construction site, but thursday there was a pause for a long delayed ceremony. after a dozen years of zoning fights, lawsuits and neighborhood battles, one of the city's longest property disputes ever, work is finally beginning on the $130 million cathedral commons, a mixed use project of retail and housing. it will be in wisconsin avenue in the shadow of the episcopal cathedral. a food store, a massive parking lot and other retail outlets. but the fight took its toll on neighbors. oliver was here in the 1950s. >> and the same arguments surrounded building the -- this
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giant as now surrounds building the future giant that's going to be here, hopefully before i die. when they finally said there would be no more obstacles, and they turned down all of the lawsuits and everything, we said, yes! >> reporter: mayor gray and developers say despite the battles, the new project will bring new life and new retail to the neighborhood for the first time since the 1950s. >> the neighbors have a vested interest and they're within their rights to have a vested interest. if the developer doesn't know how to work with them, the developer ought to fine another line of business to be in. >> reporter: thousands of people live around this area can't wait. live in wisconsin avenue, tom sherwood, news4. right now, parents of d.c. school students are getting a chance to voice their concerns about plans to close 20 public schools. the first of six public hearings is now under wap at the wilson
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building. school officials tell us because of underenrollment, there are far more facilities than needed. some schools just don't have enough students to justify the expense of operating and maintaining the underused buildings. students in the 20 schools slated foreclosure will be reassigned to other schools next fall. one parent's upset that students from shaw middle school will now be attending classes at cardoza high school. >> i don't think that's a good idea. the 6th graders up there, with all the kids and stuff, i don't think that's a very good idea, because of the way the older kids are. they're just too young to be around teenagers of that age. >> would you worry about your son? >> yeah, i would. i would worry about him. >> today's public hearing ends at 8:00 tonight. the next one is monday afternoon from 2:00 to 6:00, also at the wilson building. you'll find a complete list of the dates and locations of the remaining hearings on our website, just search school hearing.
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still ahead, bullets fly when the fbi s.w.a.t. team raids a prince george's county home. it's called the harshest review "the new york times" food critic has ever done. i'm julie carey, george mason students are getting a rare opportunity. they're taking classes and living at the smithsonian biology conservation institute. i'll give you a tour of the new digs her
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it's a living classroom. students from george mason get to study and live at the smithsonian's new biology center in front royal. julie carey takes us on a tour. >> reporter: behind these gates that lead to the smithsonian conservation biology institute are 25 endangered animals species, and the scientists who study them in their habitats. this fall something new was added, a small college campus. it's a partnership between george mason university and the smithsonian. students learn and live at the institute. sort of like living abroad. >> we get to mix and mingle with the top scientists in the field every day just over lunch. it's a really great opportunity.
5:15 pm
>> reporter: whether it's in the dining hall -- >> this is -- >> reporter: -- in the lab or field work, these students are immersed in their program. half the faculty is from mason, half from smithsonian. also new for the program, these two buildings, now they are classrooms. the animals have been relocated. on this day, students in the lab were getting a hands-on lesson in preserving genetic material, the key to saving endangered species. in another room they were doing gps mapping of bird houses on the 3200-acre property. this inaugural class is sold. >> it's specialized for the students. small classes. we get really good one-on-one time with our teachers. >> reporter: students spend one day a week essentially interning on site. another selling point? all the time outside the classroom. >> i'd say three out of every five days some weeks we're out there in the field doing
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research. like one week we were gathering turtles to count the number of endangered turtles in this one area. >> reporter: the program is not limited to george mason students. the goal is a lofty one. >> we want to be the place to go to get training conservation in the world. this is very ambitious. >> reporter: julie carey, news4. you know his name, you know his look. guy fieri said he stands by his food and his new restaurant in times square, after a scathing review in "the new york times." the popular host of the food network's diners, drive-ins and dives said he believes critic pete wells had an agenda when he visited. wells asked 34 sarcastic questions. he compares a blue margarita to tasting like a combination of radiator fluid and formaldehyde. ouch. fieri defended the restaurant this morning on the "today" show. >> this is an ever-changing,
5:17 pm
ever-evolving process. you get new guys in, some guys out, you've got different timings that go on. and do we do it perfect? no. are we striving to do it perfect? yes. it's impossible to come in and have a dining experience and have every single thing wrong. unless you want to sensationalize something. a great way to make a name for yourself. big way to hit it. >> the radiator flu is evolving. fieri is the tenth highest paid chef in the country. he owns a dozen other restaurants all over the nation. that review in "the new york times" is being called the most scathing in the paper's history. it was hard to put it down this morning when we were reading it. tonight we spoke with food critic tom with the "washington post" to get his take on the fairness of it. tom thought wells did a great job. he believes that will be the review that wells will be remembered for.
5:18 pm
but he also agreed partly with fieri's defense. >> i don't think this would happen to a regular citizen chef inew york. this guy happens to be a big food network star. he's a very big target. but you know, in pete wells' defense, he did go to the restaurant four times. the place is not that inexpensive. it's right in the heart of times square. so there's a reason for giving it the negative review that he did. >> he tells us that he has no interest in going to fieri's restaurant, but would like to try the blue margarita. >> formaldehyde can mask any kind of food, right? >> ouch. >> rough out there. >> that's for sure. >> we had a pretty nice day today. lots of clouds. >> yeah. >> but pretty calm. >> calm and on the cool side. temperatures about ten degrees below average. that has all of the kids today
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at washington, middle and el elementary school in alexandria bundled up. they wanted to say hello. they are now waving to all of you. it's all about the weather, what kind of weather we see around the region. and of course, the number one question, hey, doug, how much snow are we going to get this winter? i told them, but you have to wait until next tuesday. we'll talk more about that coming up on tuesday, as my winter forecast will kick off tuesday afternoon, right here on news4 at 5:00. 48 degrees the current numbers out there. winds out of the northeast at 9 miles per hour. we're looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies. that's going to actually help temperatures stay a little warmer than they were last night. but starting off this chilly, 37 in winchester, 43 in gaithersburg, it's not going to be hard to get down to the lower 30s and upper 20s. no rain to show you in the
5:20 pm
immediate area. just down to the south, raleigh, north carolina, you notice a little bit of a storm system making its way toward the north and east. notice the cloud cover. that's where the clouds are coming from. it's the storm down to the south. the rain is moving our way. i think it's going to fall apart as it gets here. it's still a dry atmosphere for us. most of that will move out into the ocean. here's washington, d.c. again, a chilly afternoon around our region. the clouds were here today. tomorrow they should be gone. i think we'll see cool conditions as high pressure's dominating. we'll see more sunshine tomorrow. tomorrow a little bit better as the temperatures move to the low to mid-50s. on saturday, high pressure dominating the region. so yes, we stay cool. temperatures of 54, and plenty of sunshine. still cool in the morning. but a very nice afternoon setting up on saturday afternoon. this evening, high clouds. still cool. 38 to about 45 degrees. winds out of the north 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, chilly again. 28 to 38 degrees with those light winds. as we move through the day tomorrow, not bad.
5:21 pm
actually a pretty good friday, i think. clouds, some sunshine. still cool. temperatures 46 to about 51 degrees. actually we're going a little bit warmer on this one, in the mid-50s. so i've got to change my graphic here. this is the number i wanted you to see. 54 for tomorrow. 54 as well for saturday. 52 on sunday and into monday. that's when that coastal storm will be just off the coast. i think we'll see cloud cover early on monday, maybe a.m. drizzle, but that's about it. the warmest days of the next seven days, just happens to be on thanksgiving. >> very nice. >> and the feathers are liking it. >> yeah. turkey on there. >> that means we still have to go to the movies to get away from our families. some of us are. >> thank you, doug. coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00, the express lanes open up in virginia in less than 48 hours. but what about express lanes in maryland. dishing out a great thanksgiving turkey feast on a tight budget. time to rewind to a
5:22 pm
redskins/eagles matchup, that marks the end to one player's career and turning point of another. the real impact of the dream act in maryland. we'll find out how undocumented students could really impact the higher education system here at home.
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mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente.
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kaiser permanente. thrive time to look in the rear-view mirror at a rivalry with the skins and the eagles. can's here to tell us about
5:25 pm
that. 1984. >> 1987, to be exact. the rivalry goes back to 1934, rieger. the eagles lead the series with 72-58-5 against the skins. they have dominated lately winning five out of the last six meetings. but there was a game back in 1987 where doug williams played lightsout. september 13th, 1987. the first day doug delivered. reggie white and the eagles gave the skins a first quarter get. jay rolling left. he just can't see the freight train coming. white separated schrader's shoulder on the play. a nagging injury that would keep him out for most of the season. >> we just fell on the shoulder. it's just a matter of the way i
5:26 pm
came down. something gave. unfortunately it was my shoulder and not the ground. >> reporter: enter doug williams, who ends the first drive with a six-yard touchdown pass to art monk. there's more pain in the point after. number 4, atkinson, he gets run into. a dislocated left ankle. effectively ended atkinson's career with the redskins. second quarter, and the eagles take flight. randall cunningham with a smooth toss. it's a three-point ball game. skins lead 10-7. but williams had something to prove. late second quarter, 34 yards setting up a one-yard touchdown plunge and a 17-10 halftime lead for the skins. third quarter, williams is dialing long distance. 67 yards to ricky sanders. and another one-yard touchdown
5:27 pm
plunge. skins up 24-10. >> basically came and did a great job. the man on the town. >> the dream scenario for doug williams turns into a nightmare in the fourth quarter. reggie white with the blindside hit, but this time reggie comes up with the ball and the big man can move. check him out. he rolls 70 yards after three quarters, and a reggie white touchdown, we're tied at 24. but this day belonged to doug. on the ensuing kickoff, it's keith griffin. he brings it in at his own 7 yard line and cuts right through the middle of the mayhem. break left and sets up the skins on the eagles' 39 yard line to end the third quarter. next play, and doug does a perfect toss to art monk right in stride. it's a 39-yard hookup.
5:28 pm
skins win it 34-24. >> once the coaches evaluate the situation, like jay went down, we've got to have doug williams come in. we've got to realize, this is not a team that's rebuilding, this is a team that's reloading. we're trying to go to the super bowl. >> and that's exactly what they did, 1987 a good year for the redskins. they beat the broncos 22-10 in the super bowl. doug williams, the super bowl mvp. good year that year. >> we need it again. must-win. >> sunday soon maybe. >> thank you, dan. next at 5:30 tonight, a father demanding answers after the fbi stormed his home and his teenage daughter wound up injured. police say they took violent criminals och the street. the big bust we'll tell you about next. drinking five-hour energy is supposed to give you a jolt. now the fda said it could also
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a fast forward through the headlines now. the murder trial of a former bowie state student is now in the hands of the jury. alexis simpson took the stand in her own defense today saying she did not intentionally kill roommate dominique frazier. the jury could deliberate up to two hours tonight. the brother of mia farrow is facing child sex abuse charges. he's accused of abusing two boys in his home between 2000 and 2008. former cia director david petraeus is expected to bring
5:32 pm
some clarity to capitol hill tomorrow when he testifies about his investigation into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. he's expected to appear at two closed meetings. now let's check in on the weather with doug. doug? >> we're not the only ones dealing with the cool temperatures. look at the numbers from boston to jacksonville. 38 in boston right now. jacksonville, florida, only 58. temperatures are running some ten to 20 degrees below average across the entire east coast. and not just the east coast, all the way back toward the great lakes. the cool air continues in the rest of the forecast coming up. still a lot of questions tonight about an fbi raid in district heights that left a teenager with shrapnel wounds. it happened this morning. an fbi s.w.a.t. team trying to serve a search warrant burst into a home with guns drawn. news4's jackie bensen is there live with the man in the house when the shots started ringing out.
5:33 pm
jackie? >> reporter: wendy, i want to tell you first of all, moments ago we received information, a press release from the office of the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia that references this indictment in a heroin distribution operation, an alleged heroin distribution operation in the district. it is what we are told led to the search warrant that was such a terrifying experience for this family. >> they almost shot and killed my daughter over a bogus warrant. >> reporter: emory hughley describes what happened this morning. he said his 18-year-old daughter had two girlfriends sleeping over. his wife was out of town taking a nursing school course. he said about 6:00 a.m., there was a loud boom at the front of the house and everyone woke up and ran toward it. >> they kicked my door in and the next thing i know they're shooting. >> reporter: having served in the military he knew immediately to get face down on the floor. he saw his daughter up the
5:34 pm
stairs in her night clothes. >> the next thing i heard, she's got a gun, and gunfire. one of the bullets ricocheted off the living room wall and hit her. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was taken to a hospital, treated and released. she tierfully greeted her mother who rushed home from richmond. the baltimore field office said the s.w.a.t. officer felt, quote, threatened by the teen's gestures. hughley is em fphatic that his daughter did not have a gun. he does not know the subject of the search warrant but knows the climate changed after more agents arrived. >> took the handcuffs off me and let me ride in their car in the front seat like i'm a friend of theirs, you know. riding in the front seat and all that, having a casual conversation and i'm letting them know, you all almost killed my daughter. >> reporter: a little more about that heroin distribution indictment i told you about. it allegedly concerned a ring
5:35 pm
operated in the kennelworth gardens apartments in washington. we're told that that is what led to the search warrant here. i can tell you the indictment does not name any occupants of this house or this address, but when i asked that question, i was told additional locations were searched. mr. hughley, who we heard from there, said he sold a van at one point to one of the defendants named in that indictment and subsequently repaired the van a few months later. he emphatically denies any connection to the drug ring. reporting live in district heights, jackie bensen, news4. police are looking for the man in this sketch, wanted for indecent exposure in wheaton. witnesses saw the man touching himself near the playground area saturday october 20th around noon. if you recognize him, you're urged to contact police. tonight, nine accused gang members are charged in a rash of beat fgs and robberies. the targeted people in
5:36 pm
chinatown, adams, morgan and other popular d.c. neighborhoods. pat collins is live with the story of one victim who says he's living in fear. pat? >> reporter: jim, how vicious is this gang? well, here now the story of one of the victims. he was attacked near this bus stop in chinatown. he's one of the gang's victims. so severe his injuries, that in the hospital they had to use staples to help his head heal. today i talked to him by phone. >> they split my head open. and my head was bleeding for like a week afterwards. and i was like knocked unconscious. >> reporter: it was june 5th, around 3:00 in the morning. he was in chinatown, he was going to take one of those buses to new york. he was attacked here, knocked to the ground, beaten and kicked unconscious. they took his cell phone, they
5:37 pm
took his money, his credit card and his backpack. and while he was still unconscious, they pushed his body beneath the seat of the bus shelter, so it wouldn't be detected. when it was over, police say this surveillance video shows the gang members hanging out at yet another bus shelter in chinatown. because of this chinatown attack, this victim says he gets nervous now when he encounters a lot of people. >> i've been more nervous around, like, large crowds at night and also during the day. >> reporter: they go by names like mclovein, drizy, and k.o. it's a gang that first got together on the streets of chinatown, but police say they also attack people on metro, and other popular parts of our city as well. >> victims of these attacks are left with broken jaws, broken teeth, and severe injuries,
5:38 pm
hospitalized sometimes for days with numerous surgeries. >> reporter: the chief said they've done slash mob robberies at gas stations and drugstores, and even targeted the homeless. >> some of these attacks included unprovoked beatings on homeless individuals in some cases as they slept. >> reporter: so tonight, nine people charged in a 22-count indictment. but the chief says stay tuned, there's more to come. in chinatown, i'm pat collins, news4. still ahead tonight on news4 at 5:00, the fda issues an alert about the dangers of drinking 5-hour energy. putting together a great thanksgiving meal on a tight budget. liz crenshaw has all the fixings at a good price. the express lanes ready to go in virginia. but what's the plan on the
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hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever.
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i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. a holiday bonus for shoppers in fairfax. a new shew section of the fairf county is open. fair oaks mall and fair lakes shopping center. drivers can avoid the lights there. that means there are no traffic lights for the five miles
5:42 pm
between poke's head road and 250. it's expected to be completed by next spring. that commute may be going more quickly in virginia, but there is no relief on the horizon for maryland drivers. money is at the root of this problem. adam tuss live in bethesda with the frustration for commuters, and a call for action from a county leader. adam? >> reporter: wendy, maryland needs to do something to improve the commutes of its long-suffering motorists. not my words, that's coming from a high-profile transportation group. construction crews, new asphalt in virginia as the express lanes are almost open between springfield and just north of the dulles toll road. more importantly drivers now have hope that they'll be able to get around congestion. but once you cross the american legion bridge and head into maryland, the transportation improvements stop cold. no express lanes along the maryland side of the beltway, no hov lanes. the commute here, sure to offer more of the same.
5:43 pm
>> the state does not have any dollars. and right now they have no plan. so the combination of no dollars and no plan, we're just shaking our heads and saying, please, guys, focus on this. >> reporter: that's roger berliner, head of the montgomery county council. >> we can't just do nothing. we look across that river and we see what's going on in tysons corner and montgomery county is competitive with fairfax and we cannot afford to fall behind in this critical realm. >> reporter: aaa is weighing in on the issue telling news4 what's disappointing is to look across the legion bridge and see absolutely nothing happening in maryland. nada. we remain hopeful rip van maryland will soon awaken from its long transportation slummer. commuters in montgomery county say the ride on the roads now can be unbearable. >> it makes you want to pull your hair out. there's so much traffic. it's irritate. >> hopefully they have something up their sleeve. it gets bottlenecked there for sure. >> reporter: now, there has been
5:44 pm
talk here in maryland about turning shoulder lanes into bus-only lanes. but some say that's not the long-term type of transportation fix that's needed. reporting live along the beltway in bethesda, adam tuss, news4. coming up next, what someone stole from redskins coach mike shanahan. potentially deadly danger of drinking 5-hour energy drinks. i'm liz crenshaw. can you make thanksgiving look this beautiful, and do it on a budget? yes, you can. my story is coming up.
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the government tonight is taking a closer look at the potential dangers of 4-hour
5:47 pm
energy. the food and drug administration is reviewing 13 death reports since '08 that mention the highly caffeinated drink. despite the reports the agency said there is no proof 5-hour energy contributed to the deaths. the cases called for more study of the product and other dietary supplements. a little cool and calm out there. >> cool and calm, and that's the way i think we're going to stay, not just during the rest of the night tonight, but probably right on through next week. we're talking about a very calm period in weather. we need it. 48 degrees the current number. winds out there at 9 miles per hour. 43 in gaithersburg, 45 in rockville, 48 in belvoir. annapolis coming in at 49 degrees right now. we won't see any rain anytime soon. there is going to be a slight chance down to the south, down around places like richmond, out towards norfolk. a little bit of moisture is making its way up through the region but it will dry out as it
5:48 pm
moves our waive. overnight tonight and in through tomorrow, temperatures overnight down to 38 in washington. another cold start tomorrow. 27 in frederick. 27 in winchester. 30 degrees in culpepper. we're talking about partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight. when you wake up tomorrow you'll see the clouds give way to more sunshine. high temperature 52 degrees in leesburg, 53 in winchester, 55 if we get enough sunshine, we could hit 55 in washington. that's still well below average by close to three to five degrees. but that's a lot better than what we have been over the last couple of days. houbl the redskins game. redskins taking on the eagles. here you go. down at fedex field, looking pretty good. i think great for a football game. this is football-like weather in the middle of november. low 50s, cloud/sun mix, cool but nice winds out of the northeast about 10 to 15. i think the sunshine will help during the afternoon. the next couple of days, 54 on
5:49 pm
your saturday. sunday looking good. maybe morning drizzle and nicely as we head to thanksgiving. thanksgiving right now looks like a high of 60. grocery shoppingor thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming and costly, unless you're doing thanksgiving on a budget. liz crenshaw is here with an impressive thanksgiving spread and it doesn't break the bank. >> we got help from stratford university in falls church, virginia. the cost, $66 for a table of six. the menu, turkey dinner with all the trimmings and more. we're here at stratford university with chuck jameson. we'll do tricks of the trade for thanksgiving dinner, but do it on a budget. >> we'll start with brian ag turkey. >>eporter: when you brian a turkey, you can afford to buy a less expensive bird and still have a succulent turkey. use salt and sugar and submerge the turkey in ice water for about 12 hours.
5:50 pm
then it goes into the oven. turkey is not done untilt reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees. what's next? >> we start with soup. >> reporter: we're serving up chestnut soup. buy the chestnuts already peeled and roasted and ready to go. >> this soup is so simple. we start with a little butter. >> reporter: add the vegetables, garlic, sauce, chestnut and a bouquet garni. >> all i'm saying is tie up your herbs and spices, and it makes it easier to fish them out later on. >> reporter: remove the bouquet garni before you puree. make the soup up to a week ahead of time. next, a thanksgiving staple, stuffing. >> stuffing is an incentive if you use day-old bread. you have to do a little work yourself but it's simple. >> reporter: the turkey cooks faster and you're sure the stuffing is safe to eat if you make it outside the turkey.
5:51 pm
up next, a french dough. >> it's simple. all it contains is butter, eggs, salt, flour. >> reporter: once the dough is mixed to the right consistency, there's ingredient for potato puffs. the dough is combined with mashed mo tate toes, cheese and herbs and piped into a pan and deep fried. they look like fancy french fries. oh, my goodness. they're so light. here's an easy side dish. maple glazed carrots. >> i use baby peeled carrots. they all cook pretty much at the same time. this is real maple syrup. don't go chintzy on this part of it. >> reporter: forget canned cranberry sauce. try making fresh cranberry orange relish. >> cranberries, orange, sugar to taste. >> that's it? >> that's it. grind it as fine or chunky as
5:52 pm
you want. >> reporter: now serving a double duty, dessert. >> liz, i'm going to make cream puffs for dessert. about the size of a golf ball. >> reporter: using a pastry bag or plastic zipper bag, pipe onto a baking sheet and bake in the oven and fill them with homemade pumpkin mousse. your nose goes right to thanksgiving. >> automatic. >> reporter: thanks for teaching us how to do thanksgiving on a budget. >> inexpensive can still be delicious. >> the menu the chefs created cost $66. served six people. 11 bucks a head, fancy looking but not expensive. for the full recipes, go to our website and search thanksgiving budget. >> oh, my goodness. and when you're so hungry. >> the oranges and peel and the raw cranberries. >> and sugar.
5:53 pm
and to taste. grind it up and taste it, add a little more sugar. because cranberries are really sour. and the potatoes looked like french fries. because they had the puffed pate tris inside they were really light. they had to be hot. so i couldn't bring them. >> thank you, liz. don't ever think you're going to be making that. don't even ask for the recipe. let's check out what stories are trending online today. >> somebody swiped redskins head coach shanahan's passport out of the locker room. the skins director confirmed it. the culprit made off with $3,700 in shanahan's briefcase. they insisted on filing a report because of the missing passport. the cash and document are still missing. are you ready? >> twilight fans all over the country are waiting to see bella with her new powers as a vampire. the fifth and final installment of the vampire fantasy mega
5:54 pm
franchise hits theaters tonight. coming up next, why some doctors are now giving prescriptions for video games, instead of using pain pills. coming up tonight, the petraeus affair. the attorney general speaks out today for the first time about how the justice department handled the investigation that led to the resignation of the head of the cia.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
imagine if doctors could prescribe video games for severe pain instead of addictive pain-killing narcotics. >> an army ranger injured and burned overseas is now a success story. partly due to virtual reality. natalie morales gives us a preview of what you'll see tonight on "rock center." >> reporter: sam brown lived for challenges. the son of a proud military family, he attended west point, then trained to be an army ranger. and in 2008, lieutenant sam brown deployed for his first tour of duty in kandahar, afghanistan. that was sam before. this is what sam looks like now. on the last day of his mission four years ago, his humvee ran over an ied and exploded into a fireball. his body was engulfed in flames.
5:58 pm
>> i remember thinking how long will it take me to burn to death. >> reporter: in order to recover, sam endured more than two dozen painful surgeries. but he was deeply concerned about growing dependent on addictive pain-killing narcotics. so his doctor suggested something completely unexpected. a video game. >> did you think, oh, yeah, playing a video game, how is that going to help? >> i was a little bit skeptical. but i was willing to try anything. >> reporter: a video game may sound silly, but snow world is a groundbreaking experiment in virtual reality. in 2011, the military conducted a small study using it, and got stunning results. for soldiers in the worst pain, snow world worked better than morphine. but sam found something even more powerful to heal his pain. he fell in love with his dietician in the burn unit amy larson. sam and amy got married and three years after the blast,
5:59 pm
they welcomed a son, roman, into the world. >> the world i have now with amy and roman, and god willing, more children, is all i need. right now, at 6:00, a report on why the attorney general decided not to tell the president and congress about the sex scandal that shook up the cia. the accused bowie state university killer, why she pulled a knife on her roommate. throws punches in a parking lot. the investigation into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, is now personal and political. it's a battle between the white house and some top republicans on capitol hill. the investigation to get answers also turned into a fight to prevent united nations ambassador susan rice from becoming the next secretary of state. steve handelsman is on the hill to report the cia may have thrown ambassador rice

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